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Repair Works require experience and dedication. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team offers all of this and more. Our highly experienced workers will oversee every aspect of your problem from beginning to end

Quality Service

24 hours per day, 7 days per week you can depend on our courteous technicians to provide an efficient, thorough diagnosis and repair. Plus ask about our money-saving service agreement program.

100% Satisfaction

Our Company is based on client satisfaction via long-term relationships and this is only part of the way we try make sure our clients are confident that they will receive an honest service, from an honest company.

Welcome To Bliss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

If you are ready to change the way you cool and heat your home, begin looking now for a suitable contractor who can help make your dream a reality. With an informed professional by your side, you will make the right decision that will work the best for you and your family. From exploring the different options available to seeing what would best fit your house or office, a professional air conditioning contractor will be able find solutions in no time!

If you already have a reliable air-conditioner that your satisfied with then how about a professional service to keep your home comfort machine working well. We provide a detailed preventive maintenance on all air-conditioners & white goods.

Annual service work on home appliances and air-conditioners will prevent machinery breaking down when its needed the most and save you money from expensive call out fees and repairs. Air-conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat into and out of your home. If a refrigerant gas leak starts somewhere in the system it can be a very expensive repair due to gas and labour costs.

It is also important to know that damage to your floor or roof can be caused by water leaks from your air conditioner. That’s why it is imperative that annual services are carried out to prevent these common problems.